Two hours....

In two hours... that bitch, equusk is going to off me.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to turn malignant on her in the next two hours. If I concentrate hard enough.

Gah! It's too much pressure!

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

God damn that bitch.

Someone kill her if I die before I get the chance to. Someone. Anyone.... please?
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Somebody help me.

equusk finally has insurance. SHe's going to kill me. I know it. Help. Please. Please kill the bitch before she kills me.

She's going to the doctor on Tuesday.

Someone stop her....

My letter of protest.

My Dearest equusk,

I know that you wish to evict me. I know this because, we share the same body. And your red blood cells? Yeah, they have loose lips. They tell me all the things your little neurons are saying behind my back. What you don't know is, I have reinforcements. So keep smoking those cloves, you dumb bitch. If i go, I'll tell your lungs. And see, your lungs and I? We have this agreement. Your lungs are a bit sweet on me, honey and they don't want to see me go. They promised me that if they could get their lipoma-y lovin anymore, that they would go malignant on your ass.

Toodles, sweet cheeks!

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I know she's going to do it. That bitch, equusk is so going to kill me.

Now, just to figure out how to kill her before she gets me. I have to work at night, under the cover of dark when she's asleep. I have to be careful, or she'll find out and foil my plans.

Step 1- Get of body.

Step 2- ............

Step 3- VICTORY!
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Dear god, no!

I think equusk has gone off the deep end! The bitch is talking doctors... and, SHIT! I think she's going to off me!

Only one thing I can do... I've got to get free of this body and get her before she gets me....


yes... that'll work....

just... gotta... get... off... this... body.
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all your base....

Well... it's been a while since that bitch, equusk has posted.

But, thank to lowfuellight's post on clove cigarettes, which the stupid whore loves, I have new hope of yummy lung cancer.

Plus, zandee69, renarhyku, feachador, and their new found love of rollerblading, there is also the hope of her getting lovely melanoma or other skin cancers from hanging out in the park all afternoon without sun screen.

I scoff at you, rain!

Damnit, damnit, damnit.

No sun = no chance of equusk getting melanoma to keep me company.

Maybe she'll smoke more and get lung cancer. Or maybe, just maybe, I should migrate to her brain and make a lovely, scary brain cancer. Scary wooooOOOOOoooo.
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Haha! Victory in sight!

Soon.... soon I will make that bitch, equusk pay...

I've put on at least another millimeter or two.

Soon, I will see her kneel before me.... er.... behind.... er.... what the fuck. I will see that whore at her knees!
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If you are tired of seeing the "post this exact sentence in your LJ" memes, post this exact sentence in your Livejournal.

Find your own fad bandwagon to jump on. This is mine. So screw you guys who have been posting that shit about loving people. Fuck love. Love cancer and lipoma. Love your lipoma today, god fucking damnit!!!!

So, with that in mind....

Post this exact sentence in your LJ if you've loved a lipoma today. And, if you haven't, spread the lovin' of Ted to someone else's lj.
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